SSL certificates

  What are the SSL certificates?

SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) is a certificate that serves to provide communication between the client and the server by encrypting the content. With SSL, every data input on each site and each returned information from the website are traveling through Internet in an encrypted form, which provides full protection of network communication network and it can be seen only by those to whom it is intended.

Each SSL requires a fixed IP address. We will assign fixed IP address to your site, which will separate that site from other sites on the server and thus it will be better protected.

We offer SSL certificates from quality international certification institutes and companies. By installation of the security certificate you improve the security of your data because every information is crypted when it is sent (256 bit encryption) and encrypted upon receipt, so if someone intercepts the data packet in the path from sending to receiving, he can not open it and read it, because the information can not be encrypted.

Free SSL certificates for our clients!

Exclusively, we are the first among our competitors in the domestic market that offer free SSL certificates to our customers! For all hosting packages that we offer, except for two lowest priced package, we offer a free SSL certificate, which will lift the security of your Web site and your data to a higher level!