Internet marketing

Beside advertisting using as our own, and in the same time the optimum advertisting solution, we can provide support for other systems also - Facebook advertising, Goоgle AdWords

Effective internet advertisement is simple, efficient and equitable system of advertising on the Internet.
It provide site owners to sell, or advertisers to buy ad space per click, per number of views or per timing of advertisement.
There are larger number of statistics on retained earnings or consumed credit that are available to site owners and to advertisers.

If the answer to at least one of these questions is YES, ereklame is that what you need

  • You wish to increase the number of visits to the site, to boost the sale of products and to improve your business?
  • You need websites where you wish to advertise?
  • You need designers to create advertisement?
  • You need a web site, pages on social networks, hosting, domains, mobile applications?
  • You have website with lot of visits and want to earn money from selling advertising space?

Make money by selling advertising space:

  • per click
  • per number of views
  • per display timing

Unlike similar systems we enable display of specific advertisements on a specific positions.
In one position it is possible to show a greater number of advertisements (slider with images) and to track statistics for each individual ad.

Take advantage of the best and most efficient way of advertising, with maximum control of funds.

For advertising is defined:

  • advertising budget
  • price per click or price per view
  • daily limits
  • advertisting period
  • geo-locations (the states in which they will be displayed)

Facebook advertising

FACEBOOK MARKETING CAMPAIGN can boost your presence on social networks and help to make your posts, pages and products reach your target audience, increase Likes on your Facebook page, to advertise special offers, promote your new products.
By using social media marketing smaller companies could reach great number of customers very eaisly.
Your customers are more securely connected with several brands if they are present on the social network, so a strong presence on social networks is key how to awake their interest. If it is carefully and strategically placed, marketing on social networks can bring significant shift in your business.
Beside Facebook ads, there are sponsored stories and sponsored posts that are also an interesting form of Facebook advertising and marketing on Facebook.
But if you are self-advertiser on Facebook it can also happen that you spend your money intended for Facebook advertisement without any effect.

Contact us to work with you to create a strategy and implement a successful Facebook advertising in accordance with your plan that you want to achieve and ofcourse with your budget.

Google AdWords

Google advertising is becoming more and more popular way of advertising.
Your Web site is poorly positioned on the most famous search engine, you are not sure why and what to do to make your site glittered at the top?!

We suggest you high-quality ads on the most popular browser by BitLab marketing team.

Effective and measurable result

  • Your ads will appear alongside or above the search engine results under the section labeled "Sponsored Links"
  • You pay only when visitors click on ads, and you can start and stop advertising at any time
  • Place ads through Google advertising that may occur to your potential customers in a particular city, region and country independently by searching through a smart phone, laptop or PC.
  • Advertisting period
  • Geo-locations (the states in which they will be displayed)

Spend your funds in the best way by using Google ads.


Search engine optimization is one of the most important services and very significant for the increased number of visits aimed at web page. If site is better ranked (eg. is listed among the first on the list in search results), the more traffic will be redirected from the search engine on it.
Optimisation as a set of techniques for the Internet, can improve the position of the browser in favor of increasing visits for each page, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, which ultimately leads to an increase in profits of companies.

Essential factors that need attention, and which are directly related to the quality of SEO optimization are:

  • Technical infrastructure of the web site
  • Optimization of web site content
  • type of linking

Two basic optimization models are:

On-page promotion (optimizing the internal structure of the page) and
Off-page promotion (optimizing the external environment of the page)

The benefits you get by optimizing are enormous, because in this way each user that searches the web by default keyword will see your site among the first!
In this way, your increase the visibility of your website, this expands the potential audience to which you are addressing through your website and thus allow that your message is displayed to even greater number of recipients.