Frequently asked questions

If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us via the Ticket Support.

Can you host every kind of web presentation?

No. Hosting some harmful presentation is prohibited. The presentation of content that can be harmful for BitLab servers or any other server on the Internet, as well as posting links to such content on the Internet is strictly prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content: pirated software, hacker programs or archives, warez sites, irc ...

Can I buy hosting service although I am not representing a company?

Yes. After ordering services you will get instructions for payment and payment can be made at any post office or a bank or in person in cash at the BitLab office.

Can I manage my web space, FTP loans tasks, email accounts, and the like by myslef or do I have to contact you every time when changing?

Yes, of course, all that you can do on your own. When opening a hosting account, access data for user interface is sent to your email address where you can create and delete FTP's, add and edit email accounts, define limits on individual accounts for mail or Web space etc.

I paid hosting and domains, when can I expect to be activated?

Services are implemented the latest within 24 hours upon receipt of payment, however, if it is necessary and urgent, we can more quickly react to your request.

Will someone contact me before the payed service expiration?

BitLab's employees are required to contact you 30 days prior to the expiry of the hosting or domain registration and send you an invoice for the extension of services. In case that the client does not send a reply, the same request is sent or telephone announces two more times until the expiry of the service. If the client does not comment on this issue, according to the general conditions of use which are highlighted on our site, than it agrees to extension of cooperation and the invoice is sent to the client which is the legal financial obligations toward BitLab.

I want to transfer the site on your server but I do not know how?

Contact us and BitLab will make the site transfer for you. If you had another hosting provider before, that it is neccessary to make a backup of your site and to do domain transfer. These services are free. Our administrators will open hosting on our servers and transfer the site. After the successful transfer of the site, employees will contact you with for the selection of the desired hosting package.

How can I get technical support?

Technical support BitLab works through a ticket system because it is the fastest and most reliable way to solve the problem. By submitting your tickets you are addressing to multiple addresses at the same time, few employees in BitLab can see your mail/ticket, and the one who is responsible for that part of the work takes on the task for solving it. Phone support is also possible, the phone numbers are listed on our site.

My hosting and domain is suspended. Why?

Probably you missed to renew hosting and domain so it has expired. These situation are rare as there is an excellent system for informing clients, and our employees have made contact by telephone so that all customers are always notified at least 30 days before the expiry of service. BitLab also has the right to suspend the hosting in case that it has been abused but you will be contacted and informed about the details as soon as the abuse is revealed and removed.

Are you performing a backup of my data?

Yes. BitLab performs backup of all websites once a week. However, the user takes the full responsibility for all files on the purchased hosting as well as maintenance and backup of the same. After improving our system, customers now have the option to backup by themselves directly from the user panel, backup of the site, database and e-mail.

Can I register a domain that has already been registered?

NE, buying already registered domain is not possible. It is only possible if you find the owner of a domain and he gives you that domain, or sell it to you.

When is the last day, the deadline, for domain renewal?

Domains are registered on an annual level, usually for a period of one year. When a domain expires it is automatically locked, or enters the redemption, and even 27 days after expiration, you can renew it. After the expiry of the 27-th day BitLab will not be able to help extending the domain.

How can I change DNS on my domain?

Contact technical support using our ticket system and indicate the name of the domain and new DNS's which should be related to that domain.

Do I have to pay for DNS change?

No. This service is free of charge.

I published my web site, but I still see BitLab default page on my account?

It is neccessary to delete BitLab default web page from your hosting account.