Sell your products online!

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Reliable, fast and cheap sales of your products via the Internet

Online sale is more and more popular on the global level, and statistical data on transactions on some of the world's most famous online shops are enough to perceive online sale importance. Why would not follow the trend?Start an online store, a place where your showcase will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where you will quickly and easily be able to update inventories, change the assortment, reaching out existing and potential customers in a very short time!

Manage orders, product assortment, payments and keep records of buyers

The system of e-commerce, that we independently developed, with which we are proud of for many years, allowing you incredible benefits and facilitates the achievement of business goals. Some of the main advantages of e-commerce system are:

  • 24/7 shop availability - possibility of products order anytime and anywhere
  • Reduced operating costs - in this way, eliminate costs such as rental of office space, labor costs, overheads etc.
  • Updating inventory and assortment in real time - with just a few clicks you can change assortment and inventory levels that you have, as opposed to the natural replacement that lasts for hours, even days
  • Keeping records of orders and sales - the system enables detailed records of all orders that have been realized and successfully implemented sales
  • The statistical analysis of the business - in a very simple way you can have an insight into the business trends, which types of products are sold better or worse and in which period particularly, whether sales are growing, declining, stagnant...
  • Creating customer base - by the registration of customers to your ecommerce site, all the data is stored in the database that is created for you especially, which allows the formation of the customer base that you can directly contact in a very simple way
  • Presentation site and e-commerce all in one - if you do not have a web page, we will create a system for e-commerce which will also be the presentation site, users will be able to see basic information about you, what you do, where you are, and to order the products you offer at the same time, all in one place!

Considerable experience in this field

We have an considerable experience in the field of e-commerce solutions, what puts us a step ahead, and therefore guarantee data security and quality of service.Each deal for creation e-commerce system include domain registration and hosting for the first year for free!
Please look our previous works and see the quality of our services!