BitLab CMS

Content Management System

BitLab CMS is an application based on modern open source technologies, primarily language PHP and MySQL database. We have developed it independently and it is used in many locations. BitLabCMS allows quick and easy changes of all elements of the site and it is created for users who have a basic knowledge of computers. WYSIWYG editor is used to edit the content (input, modification and deletion of text, photos, multimedia). Work with editor is very similar to working in Microsoft Word. Editing is done through a web browser without the need for additional software.

Web sites implemented through BitLab CMS are compliant with W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium) W3C XHTML and CSS W3C and with WCAG guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

The application that we offer is modular and enables expansion, depending on user needs.

Basic CMS modules allows adding and editing of sections, subsections, articles, news, update frequently asked questions, document management, and surveys. So, our goal was to create a system that will be very easy to manage, where users will be able to edit their own web page without having the need for frequent contacting us as creators of web presentations for any necessary amendments.

Basic modules CMS-а

Create new and edit existing pages (sections / sub-sections)

Adding section

One way of organizing the site is doing it through multiple hierarchical levels of display content. The basic hierarchical level of the organization's content is section, and this module is made to add, modify and delete this organizational site structure. In this way, you are allowed to have a very simple insight into the overall organization of the site which greatly facilitates movement through the site and its administration.

Adding subsections

Subsection is another organizational entity of the site content, and this module perform actions of adding, deleting and changing of these units and their properties. Subsections have the ability to sort items. Within the subsections there is possibility of formation of new subsection and the creation of an unlimited number of sub-levels. Edit section / subsection is done through the web editor that resembles the interface of MS Word. Sections / subsections have a number of options (whether they are visible or not, whether it will be visible on the home page of the portal, whether documents can be viewed within its content, ...). BitLabCMS allows you to create an unlimited number of sub-levels (subsections).

Updating news and sorting capability

This model is made to add, delete and edit news on the site. Within the same it is possible to set options related to news display (the whole story, part, source, date) and their sorting according to the criteria. News can be classified into different categories. The system administrator can define the categories of news (add new, change, and delete the existing). There is a possibility of displaying news from various categories, with certain sections / subsections. Site visitor has access to search news - sorting them by category and date of publication (day, month, year).

Adding documents (text and graphics), and linking them

By this module you can add documents in appropriate sections and categories. Documents can be of any type from the list of permitted, which is also updated as part of this module. Some file types are: .doc, .sxf, .xls, .pdf, .txt, etc. Documents can be classified into different categories that the system administrator can edit (add new, change, and delete the existing).

Add and view multimedia files

By using this module it is possible to manage multimedia content (audio, video, photo) and determine the manner of their presentation and their organization.
Content is presented through the appropriate gallery with characteristics displayed by several criteria (number, chronological, thematic).

Photo gallery

It allows the administrator (and others which were granted the necessary privileges) to create an unlimited number of photo gallery with titles and descriptions by entering galleries and entering an unlimited number of photos in the gallery.
When uploading a large size image system enables the automatic creation of thumbnails that will be used for the collective views of an accompanying picture gallery.

Video content

It allows the administrator (and others which were granted the necessary privileges)
creating of an unlimited number of video galleries with titles and descriptions by entering galleries and entering an unlimited number of videos in the gallery.

Update portal navigation (add and delete menu items)

BitLab CMS enables editors and site administrator to independently set the menu items on the portal - or to independently organize links to the main site.
In this way it allows the handling of the site and its administration for people who have a basic level of computer literacy.
CMS meny also has a custom view for different devices that you can see in the picture on your right.

Adding new languages

BitLab CMS enables installation of an unlimited number of language versions in a very simple way.
Adding new language versions includes translations of accompanying message on the site for the new language.
One of our recommendations related to your site is to add the English version of web presentation, in addition to the Cyrillic and Latin (between which the conversion is done automatically).

Add the questionnaire and displaying feedback (surveys)

There is a module developed especilly for the survey, which can optionally be activated.
This way you can question the end-user, or visitors to your site and also get feedback on the spot.
By determining the appropriate representative sample, these data can be of great benefit,
because based on this data, you can quickly and efficiently make a conclusion about what needs more attention, what is neglected in your organisation's politics, public relations, what is your current web page to your company customers / visitors to the site, etc..
In short, this model can be a very cheap and a very effective basis for strategic decisions.