Audio hosting / streaming

What is audio streaming?

Audio streaming is a service that allows you to easily run own radio station or, if you already own classical radio stations, ensure that your signal is heard everywhere in the world, regardless of location. The music you play is going online directly from our servers and from there the signal is sent to any location in the world! All what is required is that the listener has access to the Internet and he will be able to listen to your program without any barriers. For this radio station, you do not need expensive devices or equipment, administrative and bureaucratic obstacles do not exist. Reach a certain number of listeners, or increase existing number of listeners with minimal investment, to be heared worldwide.

What are the advantages BitLab streaming solutions?

Package can be fully created according to your needs - you choose how many listeners can simultaneously listen to your program, choose the quality of the audio signal etc. If you have been using streaming, you already know that in our environment there is practically no larger selection of high-quality streaming solutions. What gives us the advantage is 1000 Mbps links on each server, which guarantees the quality and smooth operation of a stream. We are a legal entity, which means that for those services you can pay through a local bank account and of course deduct VAT on our service. Payment also can be made in cash and via Paypal or through the foreign exchange account if you pay from abroad. In addition, we provide technical support by phone or through our ticket system. You have full control with our control panel (number of listeners, statistics of flow, adjust your home page, etc. ...).


  • Basic

    47 KM per year
      • 1000 listeners @ 128Kbps
      • 24/7 ticket support
  • Standard

    70 KM per year
      • 1500 listeners @ 128Kbps
      • 24/7 ticket support