Ordering and implementation process

In order to to reach a final settlement that will turn your idea into reality faster and in more efficient way, it is necessary that both parties (the contracting authority and the contractor - BitLab) know the basic concept and flow of activities that are being carried out in web page creation process.

This process is illustrated by the following diagram:

proces izrade web sajta

In this way, very efficiently and very easily you can determine at what stage we are currently in, how much we have until the end of the project, and how much we've gone from the beginning. You can also monitor whether the planned deadlines are respected in the terms in which they agreed.During the job arrangement, it is important to define conditions and determine the rights and responsibilities in the implementation process. For this reason, our legal team has very precise and clearly defined all the legal aspects of our future business, so you do need not to worry about the possible misuse of your information, trust or money.

On the other hand, during the negotiation of business cooperation we define the rights and obligations in terms of the availability of graphical and textual elements to be contained on the website, integration with social networks, ways of updating content, we define all the functionality that the site will contain, as well as many other essential characteristics of your presentation on the Internet, which greatly contributes to increasing the quality and safety of operations, professionalism in our business cooperation.

While performing all activities related to the implementation of the project we are using a custom approach to agile development methodology that allows shorter iterations and integrate processes to continuous quality assurance from the very start of the project.

Schematically, it looks like this:

agilna metodologija